Big Cat Rescue, Tampa

Hop On Over To Big Cat Rescue In Tampa FL For An Exotic Adventure

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

Going to the zoo gives you a chance to be up close and personal with big cats, but you haven't seen anything yet. Big Cat Rescue at 12802 Easy Street is quite the experience, giving you an even better look at the big cats. It's said to be like traveling overseas and meeting them right in their own environment. Of course, you're going to be safe and sound, and you get to do all of this at the largest rescue facility for big cats, right in Tampa FL.

It's the world's largest, and so it doesn't get any better. How would you like to take a feeding tour? There are different types of tours available according to reviews, including the feeding tour, keeper tour and day tour. The enclosures for the animals are large, and you get to visit the gift shop while on site, too. Imagine seeing a white tiger in his or her natural environment. You're going to get to see all of these exotic animals.

Adventure At Big Cat Rescue

Each experience is unique when you visit. It's a little more of an 'out in the wild' type adventure than it would be if you were at the zoo. People do report some of the cats being asleep and not visible. Yet you can imagine that you're going to be able to see all kinds of exotic big cats while you're there. This is an adventure of a lifetime, brought to you by a rescue organization that truly cares for those big cats.

Guided Tour

Not only do you get to see the cats, but you get to learn all kinds of things about them. The guides that provide the tours are very informative, and they give you information about the big cats and their histories. The cats do have names of course, and people that frequent the facility say that the best time to visit is earlier in the day.

Reviews say that some of the Tigers have been around each other since they were cubs. Others are rescued animals of course. You are going to want to have your camera or phone ready because you're going to be able to take some great pictures. If you want to have the best experience, people seem to say that the keeper's tour is the one you want to take.

All About Big Cat Rescue

There are all different types of cats housed there, including cougars, ocelots, leopards, lions, binturongs and more. You're going to be quite amazed at what you see. Numbers for a few years ago say that there are a total of 86 cats there at the facility. Big Cat Rescue in Tampa was founded in 1992, so it has been open for more than 25 years.

The facility is a total of 67 acres. Thousands of people visit Big Cat Rescue each year. If you have visited Tampa in the past, you might have heard of Wildlife on Easy Street. This is the former name for Big Cat Rescue. If you look at the history of the place, you will see that Wildlife on Easy Street was all about the bed and breakfast experience with a young cat. You can have the cat in your cabin!

I'm not sure that would be considered the safest experience, despite the age of the cat. Maybe they're not talking tigers, but you get my point. Regardless, Big Cat Rescue is no longer that type of facility, and instead, it is focused on housing the animals in a natural environment that is safe for them and everyone else. Just think about how many animals you're going to see and what they might be doing when you get there. You're going to be taking some interesting pictures for sure.

The organization has an aim of trying to stop private ownership of these types of animals. You're going to get to learn about the history of the place and all of the animals there. The people there know all kinds of interesting information, and just seeing the big cats will be a delight. Are you ready to take a trip to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL? Check out the facility ahead of time, and get your tour tickets so that you will be prepared.

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