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Planning The Perfect Visit To Tampa's Busch Gardens

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Though Florida certainly has a reputation as being home to some of the world's most exciting theme parks and attractions, it is not always easy to decide how best to allocate one's time. The fact of that matter is that anyone visiting the Greater Tampa area should make it a priority to put Busch Gardens on their itinerary.

The array of entertainment options at Tampa's Busch Gardens is truly dizzying, with traditional amusement park options, animal features and live shows on offer. It is impossible to experience everything that is available at the park in one day, so it may even be worthwhile to set multiple days aside in order to fully explore.

Thrilling Amusement Park

Thrill seekers and lovers of all forms of amusement park rides will not be disappointed with a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. The menu of choices is impressive, with everything from old-fashioned coasters to water rides contained within the park. Inverted coasters, spin coasters and those with steep drops provide something to suit every taste. Congo River Rapids and Stanley Falls Flume give riders a chance for some cool splashes in the midst of a steamy Florida afternoon.

If those water attractions are not enough, Adventure Island offers some truly incredible water slide experiences. It is possible to purchase passes that provide access to both zones, making for a terrific value for those seeking family fun.

Making the park experience that much more convenient are the time-saving opportunities which can be purchased for rides and coasters at the park. Quick Queue allows buyers to skip the lines on rides once over the course of a day's visit, making it easier than ever to have a hassle-free thrill. Quick Queue Junior provides the same privilege for the park's kid-friendly offerings, which are plentiful. For a higher price, Quick Queue Unlimited gives line-skipping privileges for all rides for an entire day.

Tampa's Largest Zoo

Not only is Busch Gardens a nationally-renowned amusement park, it also enjoys the title of being Tampa's largest zoo attraction. The animals on site number over 300 and include endangered and truly exotic species. The zoo is actually among the largest in the whole of North America, making it a must-see.

Animal attractions are plentiful here, with fun-filled feeding opportunities, up-close interactions, and animal care education experiences available to visitors. The famous Serengeti Plain attraction gives animal lovers a chance to observe a range of animals roaming across 65 acres of natural and authentic habitat space. There is something to delight every type of animal aficionado in this massive park.

Insider tours of the animal portion of the park are extremely varied, including options centered on elephants, tigers, penguins, and species hailing from the African continent. There is so much to learn and see here that one day almost certainly will not suffice.

Live Shows In Busch Gardens

As if the thrill rides and animal acts were not enough reason to schedule a visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa, consider the impressive live shows and entertainment options that take the stage daily. World-class productions including Rock A Doo Wop, Turn It Up!, Opening Night Critters and, for the kids, Let's Play Together, are sure to delight the entire family.

Clearly, the Tampa, Florida location of Busch Gardens is a globally recognized leader in the realm of family-friendly entertainment and education. On top of the amazing exhibits and amusements contained within this amazing space, there are numerous options for dining, shopping, and relaxation.

Making visitors' experiences even more convenient and inclusive, the park offers stroller rental, wheelchair rental, and even motorized wheelchair rental opportunities. Purchasing admission tickets, parking passes and reserving stroller and wheelchair rentals are made extremely easy by the park's website. Almost everything can be handled in advance of arrival, something that busy families are sure to appreciate.

There can be no doubt that the abundance of amusement park opportunities in Florida can make it hard to know in which direction to go. However, when visiting Tampa or its surrounding areas, it is definitely worthwhile to head to Busch Gardens for at least a day. The tremendous fun, value and memory-making potential of the park complex make this a destination that must not be skipped. Everyone will be glad they went!

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