Contemporary Art Museum

Contemporary Art Museum In Tampa Florida

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

If you are a fan of art museums, you should certainly go to downtown Tampa where you can see the Contemporary Art Museum that is there. It has both contemporary and modern art exhibits which will present Roman, Greek, and many other forms of artwork. It was founded back in the 1970s, and it has recently been moved to an award-winning building. This happened back in 2010. Here is a brief history of the museum, how it got started, I'm what you can expect if you decide to visit there.

How Did This Get Started?

This was started back in 1979. It was subsequently upgraded in 2001. Back in 2005, he was relocated to another area. It wasn't until 2006 that it received a total of $33 million in order to do renovations. The old Museum where it once was eventually torn down. As a result of this, it received this brand-new complex. It had plenty of space for not only existing exhibits but more that were to come later. The building that it is in now literally looks like a jewelry box, made of fiber-optic lights, glass, and aluminum. It is said that the exterior of the building looks very much like the artwork on its own. It currently has many exhibits that are presented.

What Exhibits Can You See When You Go There?

The exhibits that are there include the Sea of Tranquility. There is also No Limits, Worlds Apart, and another one called Realism. These are just a few of the many that are there that you will really enjoy. It is designed to present both modern and old-style artwork. When you go inside, it is primarily white surfaces. Everything is made more real because of the subdued lighting. There is also a gift shop there in case you want to get something to commemorate your visit. The building itself, and the overall set up was awarded an architectural award in 2010.

Different Events That It Has Available

There are so many events that happen there. For example, they focus on the fashion, art, and culture of the city. It's going to provide you with a narrative that celebrates many different aesthetic designs. There is also the Pavilion exhibit which is typically used as a way of generating funding. This will include a cocktail dinner and entertainment for people that attend. Finally, coming up soon is something called Pride and Passion. There will be more details on that as that approaches. You can count on always being entertained by the exhibits and artwork that you will see at this location. You can either visit their initially, or you can take the time to go to the website to see the many different types of art, events, and programs that they currently have available.

Who Is This Designed For?

This location is designed for many different types of people. This would include adults. They actually have lectures and discussions that will go over many different topics including ancient art. There is also information about children and families that you can learn area there is a military appreciation day, and a way for families to interact together as children learn how to paint. There is also a summer camp which many children participate in every year. Educators are also offered the opportunity to provide their expertise that they have something to contribute.

If you have not been to the Contemporary Art Museum that is in Tampa, you should definitely go. If you happen to be visiting, you should take time to visit this location for at least an hour or two. It has a lot to offer, and even if you are only there for the artwork, that's probably enough. It has so much inside this beautiful building, displays, and exhibits that you will always remember. Find out more about the hours of visitation so that you can plan a trip to one of the best destinations in Tampa Florida. If you have already been to other museums or places where art is displayed, you will easily see that this is one of the best of them all. If you interested in Science and want to gather information on Technology and industry, you must visit Museum Of Science & Industry in Tampa. Tourists are welcome, as well as locals, so find the time to visit this beautiful location that will definitely be inspiring.