Florida Aquarium

Why Visit The Florida Aquarium In Tampa, FL

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The next time you're in Tampa, you'll want to pay a visit to the Florida Aquarium. There are many reasons why you should visit the Florida Aquarium, Tampa Florida. Let's discuss some of the top reasons, as well as where the aquarium is located, what's nearby and how to get to it.

Location & Hours

The aquarium is located on Channelside Drive in Tampa, and it sits on six acres. The aquarium is open seven days per week, and it opens at nine-thirty in the morning and closes at five in the afternoon. It is advisable to arrive at the aquarium as early as possible because it can take a few hours to go through everything, especially if you want to take the time to view the exhibits and learn about them. As for what day is the best to go, it doesn't matter, but the weekends is when it tends to be the busiest.

What's Nearby

The Florida Aquarium is located right near downtown Tampa, and you can get to downtown in about 20 minutes if you are walking. Downtown Tampa is known for its shops, art galleries, restaurants, novelty shops and much more. There are many tourist attractions in downtown, as well as the surrounding area. However, it is a good idea to visit the aquarium first and then explore the nearby area once you have finished at the aquarium.

Getting To The Florida Aquarium In Tampa

You have a number of ways to get to the aquarium once you are in Tampa, such as taking the train or the bus. You can also take a cab from virtually anywhere in the city to the Florida Aquarium or you can walk to it if you are in downtown. If you are driving, then you can park in the large parking area that is specifically for visitors to the aquarium. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter where in Tampa you are, you should have no problems getting to the Florida Aquarium.

Why Visit The Florida Aquarium In Tampa?

There are seven exhibits, with each one having a specific theme, which means you'll see certain types of animals in each exhibit. For example, the Bays & Beaches exhibit is where you can see sharks, while the Coral Reef exhibit is where you'll see a range of turtles and other animals that can be found near the coral reef. The other exhibits include the Wetlands Trail, Ocean Commotion, Journey to Madagascar, Dragons Down Under and No Bones Zone. You will love exploring the various exhibits. As for animals, you can see everything from fish to turtles to stingrays to sharks and much more. The aquarium is massive and is home to hundreds of different animals. If you and your family are a fan of water animals, then there's no better place to be than the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Here's a tip, if you want to see large animals first, then head over to where the sharks are and then go to where the alligators are.

Another reason to visit the Florida Aquarium is that it is an attraction that's designed for people of all ages. It doesn't matter how old you are or your kids are, they will love walking around the Florida Aquarium. There is something for everyone at the aquarium, but you should take a look at the website to find out if there are any special events being held on the day you're planning to visit.

You should head down to the aquarium because it is very large and you can easily spend an entire day there. It is the perfect place to begin your day in Tampa or to end your day, but you should allow yourself a few hours because you want plenty of time to explore the facility. Also, after you spend a day at the aquarium, you can explore the nearby area, as there are other attractions you might be interested in visiting like Hillsborough State Park, it is also a great place of tourist attraction.

The Florida Aquarium is one of the top attractions in Tampa. It is very popular with locals and tourists alike, and they charge affordable admissions. If you want to find out what makes this place a great attraction, you should visit it as soon as possible.

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