Visit Hillsborough State Park In Tampa FL With Your Family

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

Hillsborough State Park bears the name of the county in which it resides. While it's technically not in Tampa, it is very close. The state park is quite popular with Tampa residents, and it is a great tourist attraction to visit as well. Sometimes after traveling the Tampa area and spending time in the city, it's a good idea to get out in nature and relax a little. Check out Hillsborough State Park, which is located at 15402 North US Highway 301.

You're going to find a suspension bridge there, which is rather neat. It's like finding the set of a movie or something if you ask me. Then there are the hiking trails, perfect for family adventures. You get to walk right along the Hillsborough River, and it's beautiful scenery indeed according to reviews. You can actually stay there overnight or even for days if you want. Is it time to go camping?

Perfect Place For Camping & Kayaking

You can imagine that the Hillsborough River is also a great place to go fishing. In terms of a campground, you might be picturing a crowded space, but people report private sites. Do you have a kayak? If you do, you might want to bring it so that you can go kayaking along the river.

If you do decide to camp there, you're going to want to take note of how far the bathhouse is from your campsite. That is one thing that people report, not being close enough. As for walking trails, the River Rapids Trail is one of the favorites. There are playgrounds too.

While you might bring food with you for camping and a picnic or two, there are also great restaurants nearby. You're going to find a gorgeous state park, and you're going to want to explore that area for sure. Be sure that you take the time to book a good campsite well in advance of your trip. That is also one thing mentioned in the reviews.

Nature Trails At Hillsborough State Park

People say that the hiking trails or nature trails at Hillsborough State Park total 7 miles. That's quite a lot of adventure time. It was mentioned that there are restaurants nearby, but there is also a cafe within the state park. That makes it easy to get a meal if you are short on camping supplies or just don't want the hassle at the time.

There is also a gigantic swimming pool at the state park. However, people do report it being closed quite often. By large though, I mean people say it is enormous. If it were me, I would ask them about the swimming pool when making a reservation. It's not a deal breaker, but I would want to know if it were something I could expect to use, seeing as it's so big.

You can rent a bike or a golf cart while you're there. That will make getting around easier, and the bikes are good for the trails. Are you ready for an outdoor adventure? Whether you visit Hillsborough State Park for the day, or you want to stay for days, it would certainly be a nice place to explore.

One of Florida's two rapids is located within this state park. You can hike up to them, but to be clear, they aren't for swimming or tubing. Keep that in mind, but there are plenty of other things to do. You will get to see all kinds of wildlife while there. People talk about seeing alligators, turtles and more.

Packing a picnic sounds like a plan at least, and you can also BBQ there using the facilities. There is an entry fee to the park. If the pool is open, there is an entry fee for that, too. These are just good things to know as you plan your adventures. You want to be completely prepared so that you have a great time when you and your family stop by the state park.

Hillsborough State Park is a gem of a place near Tampa. It's one of the best outdoor adventures you're going to find. There is a Fort Foster reproduction that you can check out while you're there, too. There are so many things you can see and do while you're at this state park.

Also must visit internationally known historical landmark - Henry B. Plant Museum while you are in Tampa.

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