Resurface A Pool

How To Resurface A Pool The Right Way?

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Although most people are going to seek out professional help when they are going to resurface a swimming pool, there are ways that you can do this on your own. It's going to be very time-consuming, especially if you are doing this on your own. There's also the need for different tools, product, and you need to have some level of expertise when spreading this material. If you are going to use a type of plaster that will have aggregate material, this can be even more difficult to spread. However, if you would like to do this on your own, there are a few things that you need to know if you would like to resurface a pool the right way.

Drain The Pool First

The first step in this process is the most obvious. You are going to have to remove all of the water from the swimming pool. Once that is done, you also need to clean the swimming pool. It is recommended that you use muriatic acid which is going to easily remove any type of mineral deposits. This is a very dangerous material, something that should not be inhaled, so you will need to wear a mask that can prevent this particular particulate matter from getting into your lungs. Wearing a respirator might be a necessity, especially when you are finally applying trisodium phosphate to neutralize the acid that you have been using.

Time To Resurface The Pool

The next thing that you need to do is choose the proper surface material. The first, and most popular, is called pool plaster . This is simply cement that is mixed with some type of limestone, or marble sand. This will last for about seven years and is the least expensive. The next possibility is called the pebble finish. This is plaster but it will also have an aggregate material. It also has more durability, is stain resistant, and is going to cost nearly twice as much for the material alone. The added cost is going to give you about five more years on the total life of the resurfacing. The remaining two choices include quartz finishes and fiberglass. Quartz can be spread like the other two materials, but fiberglass is actually designed to mold, in the form of a gel, to the surface of the pool. This is going to be very expensive, but it will likely last the longest. These are the choices that you have to make.

Why You Should Consider Using A Professional?

The main reason that you should use a professional is that you really don't have the expertise to do any of this. You could end up with leaks, cracks, and even though you have done your best job to resurface the pool, there might be areas where you did not have a proper fit. This means that there might be areas where you did not apply the acid long enough. This could cause the plaster, or even the fiberglass, to not adhere to the bottom surface. This is why using a pool resurfacing and remodeling professional can alleviate any of these problems, and if they have them, they will have to fix them as part of the amount they have quoted you for the job.

How To Find Professionals That Can Do It For You?

The professional that can do this for you is likely nearby. If you are in a large metropolitan city, there are probably several companies that will be willing to give you a quote. The estimates that you receive will come in after about two days. Sometimes they will come in sooner. Try to find information about each of the companies. Reviews online are a great place to start. Personal recommendations can also work.

If you go through their websites and look at their portfolios, this can also help you in making your decision. Although you may want to go with the company that is offering the lowest possible price, they may not have the best track record. Once you have gone through these deliberations, there will be one particular company that you like more than all of the others. This is the one that will help you resurface your pool.

Now that you know the steps that you need to take in order to do this, you may want to reconsider making this a do-it-yourself project. It can be very time-consuming. It might take you several weeks to do this on your own, especially if you have very little spare time. The same job, even if you did have the time, will likely take you three times as long. That's because it is very much like trial and error. You will have a general idea of what to do, but if you make any mistakes along the way, this can cost you more money and time. That's why contacting professionals is likely to be the best choice that you can make. If that's what you would like to do, start requesting quotes from these reputable businesses.

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