Tampa Museum Of Art

The Tampa Museum Of Art Is A Wonderful Attraction To Explore

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

When is the last time you got to see Greek and Roman antiquities? That's something different for sure and a wonderful reason to visit the Tampa Museum of Art. Travel on over to 120 West Gasparilla Plaza in Tampa, and you're going to get to tour quite the museum. The Tampa Museum of Art is right on the Hillsborough River, and get this, admission is free.

When are you ever going to see such a magnificent collection of art without paying? Naturally, you can imagine you're going to find a reason to spend money while you're there at some point. There is a great gift shop on site after all. At least you don't have to pay the money for admission though. That money can be saved for great souvenirs.

Places Nearby Tampa Museum Of Art

Not only are you going to be right next to the Hillsborough River, but you're also right by Curtis Hixon Park. This is a great venue that sometimes hosts special events. Make a day of it traveling the river, enjoying the art museum and stopping by Curtis Hixon Park.

Not only is there a gift shop located in the building, but there is also a cafe. It might take awhile to browse the museum, and you can always grab a bite to eat and a drink. That might sound like a plan if you are going to be visiting Curtis Hixon Park before or after as well. Of course, you could always pack a picnic, hit the park first and then tour the art museum.

Considering the art museum is free admission, there are ways to travel to this area without spending any money at all. I still say you're going to want to hit up the gift shop though. Just a heads up, Curtis Hixon Park is known for its outdoor concerts according to reviews. That would certainly be fun, too.

The building looks quite large, but it's not the biggest art museum in the world or anything. People refer to it as a medium-sized art museum. There are other museums to visit in the area, too, if you want to add those to the list. For example, there is the Florida Museum of Photographic Art, and there is also the Glazer Children's Museum.

What's also great about this museum if you're going to find it right in downtown Tampa. Talk about an excellent location for getting to visit the museum and still be near everything else. The museum has been open since 1979, but it has been in its current building since 2010.

You might also want to hit up the Tampa Riverwalk while you're in that area. Again, you're going to be in downtown Tampa, so your options for combining attractions are almost limitless. No matter what, you're going to have tons of fun.

Museum Founded Its New Home

Over the course of the first decade of this century, the museum was in the process of finding its new home. There were a few scrapped plans along the way. In fact, there was a proposal at one point to try and get it moved to the old courthouse. There were always potholes in the plans that were provided until the board and the city compromised for the new building.

It took about two years to get the building started, and then it took about another two years for the building to be finished. Now the Tampa Museum of Art has been in its new home for nearly a decade. There are all kinds of great exhibits to check out, such as The Hillsborough River Exhibit and the Syntax and Realism exhibits. Don't forget about the Greek and Roman antiquities, too. The place should make for quite the interesting adventure.

Exhibits In The Museum

There are sculptures there and all kinds of works of art. People report spending a couple of hours browsing all the exhibits and artwork. The Tampa Museum of Art is a free attraction, and it's right there nearby all kinds of other things to do. You might as well stop by there with your family to see what's behind those walls. You never know what you're going to find. This museum may be medium-sized, but there are quite a lot of exhibits there for sure.

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