Tampa Theatre In Tampa Florida

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

If you will be visiting Tampa in the beautiful state of Florida this spring or summer, you should consider visiting the Tampa Theatre. It is located very close to the Hillsborough River right off of business 41. It is an iconic building, one that was first established back in 1925. It was open for business by 1926 and has subsequently been renovated for five times. It is a landmark, part of the uptown district, and it would regularly show movies that were both domestic and foreign. Here is an overview of this wonderful place that you ought to visit if you happen to be in Tampa this year.

History Of The Tampa Theatre

It was once regarded as a movie palace. He was designed to be an atmospheric theater. It was one of the first commercial buildings that used a newfangled device called air conditioning. This is one of the main reasons that people initially went there because, in this area of Florida, it can become very hot and muggy. It has a beautiful courtyard, designed in a Mediterranean way, with gargoyles and flowers in different locations.

It was during this time that the uterus became very popular. There were both black-and-white and movies with sound. This was part of the trend people that would go to the theaters on a regular basis, and for many decades, it was considered the go-to location for those that were looking for entertainment in Tampa.

Things Began To Change In The 60s

The advent of suburbs began to diminish the popularity of theaters. The downtown districts became less popular and far fewer people live there. As a result of that, many of the movie palaces were abandoned, some of which were demolished, making way for new businesses. It wasn't until 1973 that this particular theater was about to experience the same type of treatment, but after much deliberation, it was remodeled and revamped so that it would continue to be used by people that were in the area.

Other restoration efforts occurred in the 1990s. Part of the reason for those was a fire broke out in the building. Community support has always been strong for this building because it represents so much of the history of early Tampa and what really motivated people to come out and socialize. Fortunately, it was part of the National Register of Historic Places. This occurred back in the 1970s. This allowed getting funding, and proper protection, which is exactly what it needed.

Modern Conversions Occur

Some of the modern conversions that happened in the last few decades include the advent of digital sound and pictures. They still did offer pictures that came on reels, but it eventually went all digital. Although it did cost over $100,000 to do so, it was well worth it. It made it more applicable to people that wanted to watch regular movies just like the modern theaters that were available everywhere else. It is because of this protection that it received by becoming a national landmark, and the community support, that it still exists today.

Is This As Popular As It Once Was After The Renovations?

It should be noted that, even with the renovations, modern movie theater cinemas are still going to be more popular. It is primarily a tourist attraction. When you look at places that you can visit if you are going to visit Tampa, this is going to come up. At the very least, it is in an area that is often sought after by tourists that want to learn more about the city of Tampa and its origins. It is, for this reason, it is still maintained and will likely be a prominent point of interest for tourists long into the future. Another oldest place you can visit in Tampa is Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

If you haven't been to the Tampa Theatre before, it is a unique location. It will give you a little bit of information about its history when you are there. You can also walk around the downtown area and imagine how it was all those decades ago when it was one of the primary places that people would come to co-mingle. Today, you can simply admire it for all that it's been through, and the many innovative advancements that have been applied to this historic landmark which is still something you can see today.

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