Ybor City Museum State Park Is A Very Unique And Cultured Experience

Ybor City Museum State Park, Tampa Florida

A visit to Ybor City Museum State Park means you are going to be in historic Ybor City. The museum is going to show you all about the history of the neighborhood, and it's going to make for a truly unique adventure. You will find the museum located at 1818 East 9th Avenue, and there are exhibits that deal with the cigar making process. The history of cigar making and much more is on full display when you stop by Ybor City Museum State Park in Tampa FL.

It's a different kind of state park, wouldn't you say? You will find a garden there, but it's inside the building. People say it is for rent as a venue, during certain hours. The history of the building, in general, is also very interesting. It used to be a bakery that made Cuban bread, a major staple in the Ybor neighborhood. When you visit the museum, you're going to see the ovens that were used because they are part of the history of Ybor neighborhood.

Features Interesting History

This particular neighborhood isn't just about the Cuban history in Tampa. There is quite a lot of information about German immigrants, Jewish immigrants, and Italian immigrants. This museum is small, but it features a lot of interesting history. And you have the rest of the neighborhood to explore, too. How does a trip to the Ybor City Museum State Park sound?

Watch Cigar Making Live

Not only do you get to learn about cigar making, but you are able to tour a casita as well. According to reviews, a casita is where the people that made the cigars lived. Ybor City is known as Tampa's Latin Quarter, and you're going to get quite the cultural experience. People report really beautiful architecture, and there are some wonderful restaurants in that area, too.

Visiting this area of Tampa is a complete cultural experience as mentioned. Think about the food you're going to eat. Consider all the history you're going to learn. You will see all kinds of different places to visit, and you're going to meet people in the area, too. The guides who provide the tour of the museum are said to be very informative, too.

The tour is also said to be fun, and it's interesting for kids, too. They don't think it's boring, at least that's what people say in reviews. One lady talked about the tour guide having her kids pick herbs in the garden. It's a completely different kind of experience than you can have anywhere else. You and your family will have a lot of fun.

Browse Gift Shop

The video you get to watch is in the gift shop. That tells you, too, that you get a chance to buy some souvenirs. Some gift shops have the same stuff every time it seems, and you can imagine that this store is going to have all kinds of unique stuff. You should have fun browsing the gift shop and seeing the video about the history of the neighborhood.

Places To Eat

All of your experiences will mesh together to make for one great time. You still have to pick a place to eat, too. You know you can't visit the neighborhood without trying out foods from a different culture. You can bet that the food is going to be authentic, too. And one more thing you're going to want to try people say is the coffee that from the gift shop.

Do you like strong coffee? I do, but I also add all kinds of stuff to mine. Yet strong coffee has a nice kick, and the coffee sold at the gift shop is said to be of that caliber. Reviews say that it costs $4 per person to gain entrance to Ybor City Museum State Park, so that's not bad. It's only part of what you're going to want to end up doing in this wonderful neighborhood.

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